For those of us who cannot make it to the Women's March on the 9th of March because of illness, disability, mental illness or neurodivergence, we organise the Online Disability March. On the website you can send in your message and picture. On March 9th, during the women's march, we will post these pictures and messages on social media all day long. This way, we create an online March of disabled feminists. The pictures and messages will also be visible on the website itself and stay there after the Women's March as a sort of archive.

How it works

Write down your message in the form below. Make it a short, but powerfull message: why are you protesting? Unfortunately, we couldn't translate the form itself to English, but we will lead you through it.

Fill in the form as follows:

  • "Uw naam": your name. This can be your own name, or a nickname
  • "Titel plaatsen": choose the title of your message. Come up with a title that stresses the core of your message. For example: "Because we matter, too" or "Because I'm sick of medical sexism".
  • 1+1=: just fill in "2" 😉
  • "Inhoud plaatsen": publish your content. Here, you can fill in your short, but powerful message. Your message can be around one paragraph. For example, fill in why you cannot join the offline Women's March, what you protest for or against, and what you think really should be changed in society.
  • "Upload een afbeelding": upload a picture here. A picture of yourself would be great, especially if it's a picture of you with a protest sign. But an anonymous picture or a picture of something else is fine, too, just make sure it is copyright free.
  • After you have submitted your message, it can take a few days for us to check and publish it to the website.

Some important things:

  • We will not publish messages and/or pictures containing hatefull content or illegal content.
  • We are only inviting people with an illness, a disability, mental illness or neurodivergence to send in their message. We trust that those who send in their message are aware of this, and we will not actively check whether you're disables/sick/etc. So don't worry, you won't have to tell us what kind of illness/disability etc you have if you don't feel like it. But if it is absolutely clear to us from your message that you do not belong to any of these groups, we will not publish your message.
  • We will not change or edit your message.
  • As soon as we've approved of your message, it will be visible under the 'Stories' tab. This can take a few days though, so be patient!

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